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Redescovering Your Spirit

He who looks will not see it; He who listens will not hear it; He who gropes will not grasp it. The formless nonentity, the motionless source of motion. The infinite essence of the spirit is the source of life. … Continue reading

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God Fearing? What’s That All About?

I often hear or even read about people mentioning they are God fearing. I always cringe when I hear that term because it just doe not make any sense. What’s funny is that those same people who say they’re God … Continue reading

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Heaven And Hell

I know everyone has their beliefs about heaven and hell. However, some religious figures use religion to really preach fear, and to be honest, they try to scare people into conforming. Catholics, for example, really teach pergatory; and the list … Continue reading

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There Is Only Godliness!

In a previous post I talked about when I was a child, I would ask questions of who created us, and who created the one that created us. The questions became unending as they started to unravel unto themselves. With … Continue reading

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Don’t Go Against Your Nature!

I’ve been scantly paying attention to the recent suspension of a priest in Germany because of sexual abuses of children. The pope, then a cardinal, approved the transfer of that priest to another location. Now, hundreds of people are coming … Continue reading

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Are You A God Fearing Person? Why?

I could never understand the statement that some people make that they’re a God fearing person. I’ve tried to understand what they say, and even the explanation that have been provided to help my understanding. I must say, however, that … Continue reading

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Avatar – A Lesson In Connectedness

I’m not sure if you have seen the movie Avatar. If you have not, I truly recommend it. The computer graphics if out of this world, specially when you see it in 3D. The story is pretty good as well, … Continue reading

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Developing Intuition

In thinking on what to write the other day, intuition immediately jumped out at me. This is the process I go by when I do the post, by the way. I ask myself what to write next and whatever jumps … Continue reading

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Stop Finger Pointing And Take Responsibility!

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of all the finger pointing that goes on in our society today. Sure, there is plenty of blame that can go around, but when will somebody take responsibility? This is out topic … Continue reading

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Patience – What Is It And How To Develop It

Patience is something that a lot of people find themselves unable to develop and cultivate. Why is that? Let’s first define the term, patience. Webster’s define patience as the quality of being patient, as the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, … Continue reading

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