Stop The What If’s And Focus On The Now!

I sat with a new friend today, who told me how she loved by blog by the way, and blurted out that I did not know what the next topic was going to be.

She was telling me about a her friend who always have what if moments. The topic of this post came to me as soon I as I said, “She should focus on the now and forget the what if’s.”

I tell you the background of how this post came to be, to tell you this…all we have is now, the present moment. Nothing else exists outside of that. All there is is the present.

Try this with me…you’re wanting to think about the future, whether it be what you’re going to cook for breakfast or whatever. You see, you’re thinking about it, and that’s great. But, cooking and having breakfast happen only at the moment you’re doing it.

I can say that I had a few what if moments, thinking about a contingency plan, or having plans A, B, C for an important decision. However, none of those things get executed until the moment when you are knee deep in it.

The past and the present both live in thought and consciousness. You can’t go back or forward to either one of them in the present state. But the present, that’s where the magic happens. And you can make different decisions in the present based on what is going on, in the present moment. Do you see a pattern here? Of course you do.

So, the lesson here is, don’t dwell too much in the what if moments and let them stop from living your life. I know it’s harder to do than said. However, you’re the only one who has the capability to change you. Experiencing life is the best teacher of all. Dreaming about it or thinking about it is just that, dreams and thoughts.

Dream and plan for a little bit, but then go out and live, in the present.


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