Don’t Go Against Your Nature!

I’ve been scantly paying attention to the recent suspension of a priest in Germany because of sexual abuses of children. The pope, then a cardinal, approved the transfer of that priest to another location. Now, hundreds of people are coming forward alleging sexual abuse and physical violence.

I am often reminded of the teachings of my teacher, Osho, when it comes to our nature and our existence. Whatever is suppressed eventually surfaces one way or another.

I remember when I was young child, I attended church every Sunday because it was what a catholic did without question…specially as a child. I think when I was 8 or so, I thought I about becoming a priest. That was a brief notion, however.

Come to think of it, I did not know what becoming a priest involved at that age. As I matured, I came to learn that priests can’t get married and must be celibate. Who the heck ever came up with that idea, I thought to myself. Why would I want to go against nature and be miserable because you can’t indulge in your existence?

Being celibate goes against nature. When one goes against nature, he becomes a schizophrenic. Our hole being is in nature, how can you go against it and believe that you must do so in order to be part of “the club?” As Osho states, “So you may take a vow of celibacy, but that does not change your biology; it does not change your physiology. It is just a mind concept, just words. Your blood will go on creating sexual energy, you body will go on creating sexual hormones.”

This creates anguish, misery, and guilt. You cannot just suppress with words, because your nature is part of existence. You can’t suppress existence.

And this concept does not only relate to celibacy and what’s currently going on and have been going on with priests in the church. This can be applied to anything where your body, because of the chemicals it produces, naturally follows a natural order. But now, here you come with your mind and outsiders convincing you to conform to things that go against your nature. It is all part of existence.

Take dancing as another example. Some people will hear music and have an urge to tap their feet or get up and dance. Still others will sit stoic like and unable to enjoy the music, which is part of existence, because their religion, parents, or whomever don’t allow it. That’s just words to me. It creates a duality in you that does not need to be present, if only you just followed your nature.

Don’t cause yourself misery, anguish, and duality in yourself. You are existence, so exist!


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One Response to Don’t Go Against Your Nature!

  1. Carlos Cortes says:

    There is actually nothing wrong with being celibate if that’s what you choose. Going against nature as you say isn’t very difficult at all if you develop spiritually. We tend to let what we feel dictate our actions. Living by the word of God, I have learned to have joy regardless of what I’m going through. If I feel like taking a day off from being a parent, should I tell my son I don’t feel like being his dad? It’s natural to have feelings but I’m still his father and have a responsibility don’t I? Furthermore, words are not just words. In a business setting, you should speak accordingly. When you are changing your mindset or improving it, you start with positive words. Words have meaning and are powerful. They can build up someone or tear them down. Also, what you are describing as nature is only part of what we are. We are spiritual beings having a natural experience in our natural bodies. The great thing is we can choose what we want to develop. Being in good health, with a positive mindset, and full of the spirit is a good tri-fecta.

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