Heaven And Hell

I know everyone has their beliefs about heaven and hell. However, some religious figures use religion to really preach fear, and to be honest, they try to scare people into conforming. Catholics, for example, really teach pergatory; and the list goes on.

The interesting thing about these religious figures is that they teach from a book that they have no actual experience of. Most religious school of thought guide us to go and search outside of ourselves. Millions of people believe they have to die to experience either heaven or hell. Millions more are waiting for death in order to enjoy “heaven.” Those religious figures, have they transitioned or experienced this magical place they’re teaching/preaching their followers on?

If you really think about it, millions are teaching what they learned without really experiencing them. So, this has been going on for ages and people take this teaching as gospel; pun intended.

Heaven and hell are not physical. Searching for them anywhere other than within, is a losing proposition because you will not find them. We’re really taught in western religions to go outside ourselves when in reality, heaven and hell is a mind thing. We have the capicity to experience either and we certainly do not have to wait until we die to do so.

As my teacher Osho so eloquently puts it:

This is how you think about God – as a cosmic spy, always searching to condemn, to throw you into hell, to punish, and very ferocious, revengeful. That’s why all religions are based on fear: if you do this you will be appreciated, rewarded; if you don’t do this you will be punished. But the base seems to be fear, and God seems to be just a very powerful emperor sitting on a throne in heaven. The whole concept is foolish but human. Human mind is foolish.

I believe the following, also a continuation from Osho’s talk, is very telling:

One psychologist working in a school in America asked small children about God, what they think about God. Children have clearer perception: they are less cunning, more true. They are more representative of the human mind, they are unperverted. So he asked the children and the answers were collected. The conclusion was very ridiculous. In conclusion almost all the children depicted God something like this: God is an old man, very tall, bearded and very dangerous. He creates fear. If you don’t follow him he will throw you into hell; if you pray and follow him he will give you paradise and all the pleasures. He is sitting on a throne in the sky and watching everybody. You cannot escape him; even in your bathroom he is looking.

As previously mentioned, heaven and hell are within; they are not something that’s out there – a physical location. The reality is that everything is within; the outer is a projection. “Hell is just a projected image on the screen of the fear that is within you – the anger, the jealousy, and all that is poisonous in you, all that is evil in you. Heaven is a again a projected image on the screen – of all that is good and beautiful, all that is blissful within you. The Devil is the fallen human being, God is the risen human being.” Osho

Think about it!


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One Response to Heaven And Hell

  1. Carlos Cortes says:

    This is how you think about God – as a cosmic spy, always searching to condemn, to throw you into hell, to punish, and very ferocious, revengeful. That’s why all religions are based on fear.

    I took this quote from above because not only do I respectfully disagree with it, it is absolutely positively false. All religions are based on fear? I don’t know what religion he’s talking about but Christianity is not base on fear and that is not at all what I think about God. Our Church teaches on God and his only begotten son who he gave for our sins (Jesus Christ). We teach what God is which is love (a perfect love). Perfect love casts out all fear. The bible says over 60 times “fear not.” Why? Because we are not suppose to be afraid. I have to say that getting to know God has been the absolute best experience in the world for me. He says if we love him we should obey him. Sounds like my dad when I got in trouble. “But dad, I love you.” “If you loved me you would listen to me.” We have two ears and one mouth. The more I obey his word, the more he reveals himself to me. I cannot choose who my God is anymore as I could choose who my parents are. This journey is never ending. I’m enjoying the peace I now have and the ride I’m taking with Him and there is nothing scary about it.

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