Are You A God Fearing Person? Why?

I could never understand the statement that some people make that they’re a God fearing person. I’ve tried to understand what they say, and even the explanation that have been provided to help my understanding. I must say, however, that it has not worked. I’m still stumped and baffled by the statement.

I’m not sure if it’s something that was developed through their upbringing in the church or if their priest or pastor drilled it in their heads that God is something to be feared. I remember when I was younger and going to church, and passages from the old testament were read, how negative and fearful those words were. I could not understand it, and I still don’t.

It was not until I embarked on my own journey did I come to understand of the different levels in which the bible and other religious texts were written. The majority of people just take the stories literally and do not go deeper for the real meanings.

If you’re one of those people who is a God fearing person, I ask you to think of this…there is an absolute Intelligence that created this universe, the sun, me, you, so forth and so on. I would say that creation exists out of love and only through love could something so awesome ever be created. I’m sure you know where I’m going with this, but if you don’t, just follow me a bit more.

Out of love we exist; and your kids, family, and everyone you know exist because of that same love. If it is all love, where does the fear come from? I can see if one would say that they are in awe of God, or that they are reverent of God – I am fine with either of those statements – that would make sense to me. But, to be in fear of the Spirit That Is is not compatible.

Let me ask you this…do you love what you fear or are you afraid and are angry with what you fear? I surmise that it’s the latter. Look at the world today and tell me that most people are not a fearful bunch. And out of that fear, all sorts of things are being done under the guise of keeping us safe. We don’t understand and are therefore fearful. This fear makes us mistrust others, which makes us guarded. Do you see how that thought of fear has basically morphed into other things?

I have a few suggestions and they are simple ones to follow if you choose to follow them. Number one is to stop taking for gospel what the priests and pastors tell you on Sundays. Follow your own path to arrive at your truth. I’m not saying to completely discount they say, because you can always pull nuggets of goodness from other people. What I mean is for you to open yourself to others, meditate to get the wisdom from within. All you need to know is within you.

Number two is to remove the word fear from your vocabulary as it relates to Source Energy. As I said before, we are here out of love, so how can we be fearful of the Spirit that Is? Once you remove the fear, love will start to pour out of you. The fear is no longer there to inhibit the flow of love. Being in fear does not fit the God part of you. Remove the fear in order to reconnect with the power source that’s inside you that’s all love and completeness.

Number three is a passage that you should really take to heart. “Love thy neighbor as thyself, for thy neighbor is thyself.” You are your neighbor…meditate on that one. It is something I’m going to talk more about in future posts as it relates to consciousness.


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