Haiti – A Country Of People Like Me And You!

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the news about the devastation that occurred in Haiti over the past 24 hrs. It has been incredible to see the disaster and the suffering that has been coming through the news and internet. Particularly, it has been hard for people who are from Haiti, have family there, or have friends who are there currently. More importantly, I think it’s been a situation where you can empathize and sympathize with people there.

I don’t want to get into a history lesson about Haiti. There are plenty sites that can provide that information if you want to know more about the history. What I want to cover is what I’ve seen from folks on the internet about the plight that the Haitian people are going through. I am Haitian, however I put myself in every other person’s shoes because I am every person I see. How many of us do really do that these days?

So, back to the different things I’ve seen on the net and how that type of thinking does not serve anyone, except for the people making the statements.

There is a commentator and religious person that have used this disaster as a means to polarize people and make news for themselves because of they have hate and politicized the event. I’m not going to mention the names as I’m sure you can find those individuals relatively easy online.

The thing that I’ve seen, and that I’m not really surprised about it, is the politicization and polarizing comments that have been coming through. However, all the comments come down to trying to show that we’re all different instead of uniting people and showing how really the same that we are.

The people that are affected by this tragedy could be from any other country in the world. Can you see yourself or your country being affected by such a tragedy? Wouldn’t you want help and assistance from the international community to help you deal with your current situation? Would you want the hate, politicizing, and religious condemnation to distract form the help that you need in order to survive and bring focus to you plight? Well, that’s what some people have been doing in the same of “trying” to make a point. I say trying because it has not been happening nor taken that way by those who are empathetic to and affected by a people or country’s plight.

Why would anyone try to politicize and make this a polarizing type of situation? What you have to understand is that we are all the same. People make it out to seem we’re all different because we look different, speak different languages, or are from different countries, and have different cultures.

There is nothing different other than what we see. We are all one and the sooner and more we realize that the easier it’ll be to put ourselves in each other’s shoes and not polarize and politicize such events. I’m sure you would want help as quickly as possible. Put yourself in that person’s shoes and now you’ve felt what it is like for them. And if you can’t feel for them, then you have no heart. Plain and simple!

One thing that I do know however, is that we are a family. If we’re not here to help each other, no matter what the seeming differences may be, who will help; who will we turn to? It is unfortunate that it takes an even such as this to bring people together. Let us strive to be one regardless the situation.

Thank you all on behalf of all people struggling around the world for your positive thoughts and support to raise us up.

To donate $5 to the Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund text “Yele” to 501501. To donate $10 to Red Cross Haiti Relief text “Haiti” to 90999.


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